Underwater Survey of Ships

Underwater or hydrographic surveys are part of the data collection process used during dredging and maritime infrastructure works

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Propellor Polishing

The presence of even immature barnacles or tubeworms on the propeller causes a severe loss in propulsion efficiency.

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Salvage capabilities

Any act or activity undertaken to assist a vessel or any other property in danger in navigable waters or in any other waters whatsoever.

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Mr. RS Solanki Ex-Indian Navy Proprietor

Mr. Vijay. V. Worlikar Chief Marine Consultant

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Anchor underwater services is the sole proprietorship firm managed and technically supervised by Navy veteran diver having vast expearance of 28 years in diving field.we have a large pool of call on divers and diving supervisors for inshore diving operations.our diving teams are well briefed prior to assign the job,suitable bunch of divers are selected as per the job.we follow HSE and IMCA guide lines at our operation sites.

We are a commercial diving company operated by a highly qualified and skilled team of underwater construction and environmental services specialists. .
Our approach to commercial diving is a hands-on approach throughout all stages of any given project. Planning ahead and collaborating with our clients throughout the entire process is key to our success, therefore, we always ensure that the task at hand is well studied, understood and planned well in advance of the implementation.

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